Chicken Caesar salad on a stick
Seasoned chicken breast with romaine lettuce and dressed in a home-made dressing layered with fresh croutons on a skewer.
Jamaican Meatballs
Choice ground round with pork (optional) seasoned with a blend of Jamaican spices that can be as hot or as mild as you request, served with a coconut pineapple glaze.
Cucumber Salad with Smoked salmon
Seedless cucumbers lightly seasoned tossed in a yogurt dressing topped with delicately smoked flakey salmon.
Apple Smoked Pork Belly Bites
Chef’s specialty blend of spices and Jack Daniels marinated and smoked with apple wood. Paired with a celery jam and a blend of cream cheese topped with pickled onions.
Brisket Sliders
Prime Brisket slowly smoked for 16 hours served on a slider bun, drizzled with homemade sweet and tangy Bar-B-Que sauce.
Armadillo Balls
Blend of ground meats stuffed with Serrano peppers and cream cheese, wrapped in maple bacon and smoked to perfection.
Mini Mac and Cheese Bites 
A Four cheese blend of macaroni heavenly paired with brisket or bacon made into a succulent bite.
Campechana Bite 
A mixture of shrimp and crab meat blended in a cocktail sauce with fresh tomatoes, avocados, cilantro and a hint of jalapenos.
Black Bean Quesadillas
Slow cooked black beans simmered in a broth of bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomatoes placed between flour tortillas with a cheese blend and grilled to toasty perfection.
Steamship Round
Herb crusted beef round cooked low and slow and served as you requested Rare, Medium Rare, or Well done. Served with an Au Jus.
Braised Beef
Beef injected with garlic and shallots braised until fork tender with a mushroom sauce.
Beef Tenderloin
Beef tenderloin pan seared and roasted, cut into medallions and served with a Bordelaise sauce.
Chicken Provence
All white chicken meat grilled and paired with divine white wine garlic and fresh tomatoes.
Smoked Rotisserie Chicken
Chicken marinated in a special blend of herbs and seasonings, truly tender and flavorful to the bone.
Fleur-de-Lis Chicken
Stuffed chicken breast with crawfish meat, spinach, mushrooms and parmesan cheese, explosive with flavor.
Chicken Cordon Bleu
A classic favorite fried chicken breast with ham and Swiss cheese. 
Honey Pecan Chicken
Lightly breaded chicken with a sweet yet savory honey pecan sauce.
Herb Crusted Chicken
Chicken coated with Chefs special blend of fresh herb and spices and roasted to perfection.
Parmesan Crusted Chicken
Absolutely delightful chicken breast lightly coated with a Chef’s unique blend of parmesan and panko baked until golden brown
Pork A LA Parisienne
Oven roasted pork loin that has been marinated in a blend of white wine, garlic lemon and rosemary. 
Pork Loin with a maple ginger glaze
Brined pork loin roasted and paired with a maple ginger glaze. 
Pork Loin Medallions 
Seared and braised pork cut into medallions with a bacon almond sauce.
Stuffed Pork Chops
Baked Pork chops stuffed with Louisiana boudin, topped with a red wine mushroom sauce.
Shrimp or Crawfish bathing in a beautiful etouffee sauce with scallops and sausage added (optional) to accompany this truly amazing dish.
Salmon Oscar
Grilled salmon lightly breaded with an Asiago herb bread crumbs topped with Lump crab meat sundried tomatoes in a white wine cream sauce.
Fish Bienville
Your choice of Mahi Mahi, Catfish or Tilapia Blackened with a shrimp cream sauce. 
Shrimp and Grits
Pan seared Shrimp served over our bubbling three cheese grits, topped with sliced green onions. 
Shrimp Brochette
Shrimp wrapped in smoked bacon with Monterey jack cheese and jalapeño Seared to tender crisp perfection served with a garlic butter sauce.
Smoked Chicken Pasta
Penne pasta paired with smoked chicken breast smothered in Chefs world famous cream sauce.
Grilled chicken Pasta  
Linguini served in a homemade Alfredo sauce topped with perfectly grilled chicken breast. 
Pasta Jambalaya
A combination of chicken, shrimp, and sausage in Chefs Special Spicy combinations sauce.
Vegetarian Pasta
An abundance of fresh vegetables served with your choice of pasta and sauce. Served hot or cold.
~Award Winning BBQ~
 As a member of the MAD COW COOKERS, Chef Ivory has competed and won numerous cook- off competitions. Here are a few of his Award- winning Items.
Pork Spare Ribs 
Ribs are cooked gently with explosive flavor with chef’s creative wood blend for smoking until ribs are tender. 
Smoke, smoke and more smoke make our brisket truly delightful and UNBELIEVABLE. 
Whether it’s the whole chicken or just pieces, chicken is prepared with CCC secret blend of spices, and wood blend. 
Homemade Sausage
Our sausage is a creative blend of meats and flavor. A must to any party
~Hattie’s Kitchen~
In Dedication to my grandmother. 
Smothered Chicken
Chicken smothered in light brown gravy seasoned with a special blend of spices.  ***spicy upon request
Oxtails braised in a brown sauce until falling apart tender. 
Smothered Pork chops
Lightly breaded pork chops simmered in brown gravy that will leave wanting more.
*Special dishes available upon request. 
~Seasonal Menu~
Crawfish Boils
Fiery red-hot mud bugs boiled to your specification. Fire, Hot, or Mild (corn, potatoes, added of course)